The Effects of Marijuana and Surgery are beginning to be Understood.


Many people are using marijuana since it is legal in so many states now.   The usage is so high that  I see the affect that it has on people behind the wheel, at work and at home.

Most people who get high do so because they need a drug to relax or party –  Others use it because they say they have pain and they need the drug – and Some have legitimate uses for the drug.

Now they are going to pay the price.  Marijuana is increasing Cancer, Lung Disease, Dental Disease and contributing to mental diseases.   As well as this now heavy users required 3 times more than anyone else to go under for surgery.

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This medical study is very concerning and should be.   Think about those drug users that need major surgery but can’t go under for the treatment – or have to be given so much of a drug to knock them out it can be live threatening.   Is all that partying really worth it?

People need to start thinking of the consequences of what they do.

As for me, I have no worries because I don’t use this drug.  I do worry however as I drive my 50,000 miles a year for servicing multiple stores whether the driver next to me is under the influence or not.   I see horrible drivers everyday – most fumbling for their cell phones to text and drive – but are they under the influence as well?  Some are.

Good luck to those that think that pot is wonderful –  There are consequences for everything in life.  There is never a free ride.

Something to think about.