The Good and Bad About California’s Ammunition Law

The good and bad about California’s Ammunition Law…..

I am a firm supporter of our Second Amendment Rights to carry a firearm.   I am a Concealed Weapon’s Permit holder in the toughest state to get one… California.   Understandably I am very unhappy about California’s red-tape to purchase ammunition for my personal protection.


The Good

I have to write a balanced blog so I guess I can point out a few good things that the ammunition law might bring to California.

  1. You can’t buy ammunition for any firearm.  It must be only for your registered one.   These keeps people from purchasing firearms on the black-market and purchasing ammunition for them.
  2. If you are a Felon you can’t get ammunition here, unless you have a source on the black-market which is illegal.
  3. You have a background check each time you purchase ammunition so if you have committed a crime which prevents you from owning a firearm you can’t get ammunition for it.

The Bad

  1. You have to pay a fee and wait in lines each time you purchase ammunition.   It costs you an extra dollar each time you buy ammunition.
  2. The government is tracking how much ammunition you are purchasing.   This is concerning as they are keeping a data base on how much you buy which is none of their business.   What if I like to target practice?  Should I be singled out and treated like a criminal?
  3. I can’t go across state lines to buy ammunition.   I live 45 minutes from Nevada and they have some great sales that I can no longer take advantage of.   It is illegal for me to purchase ammunition across the state line.   I feel sorry for those folks in Needles, CA where they have to drive 100 miles instead of just crossing the border for ammunition to comply with the law.  This is a burden to law-abiding citizens.
  4. If I have firearms that are not registered because I wasn’t required to do so, I can’t buy ammunition for them any longer.  I don’t have any, but think about the people that will now become criminals because they will have to obtain ammunition illegally.  Why do law-abiding citizens have to register their old firearms?
  5. Ammunition is hard to get.  I am finding lots of ammunition suppliers out of stock.

California continues to make it tough for law-abiding citizens to protect themselves.   I have no idea how they will enforce the out of state ban on purchasing ammunition.  There are many ways to cross into the state that are on roads that don’t have inspection stations.  Can you imagine the question as you cross the border?  Do you have any fruits, vegetables, plants or ammunition?   Will California train bullet sniffing dogs?   How will California prove that because I am a resident that I just don’t keep ammunition in my trunk?  What if I have a couple hundred rounds and go to Reno for a show (say I forgot about them) and I get searched.   Will my ammunition that I purchased legally be confiscated?  Will I be charged with a crime?

I agree that criminals and felons shouldn’t have firearms however the California legislature thinks that laws will prevent these folks from obtaining firearms and ammunition.   There is nothing further from the truth.  Think about the illegal drugs that are flowing on the streets.   They are illegal right?  They are everywhere.   Has the drug laws stopped illegal drugs from flowing?    All California has done is legitimized a black-market for ammunition, and it will be a large market.  California is making criminals out of law-abiding citizens – those that will continue to purchase ammunition out of state and cross the border with it.

On July 26, 2019 a lawsuit was filed in Federal Court on this ammunition law that was passed by the liberal voters.  It will be nice to see what happens.   It is a shame California thinks by controlling ammunition purchases they will stop gun violence.  This isn’t going to happen.  What I do see is people buying supplies to make their own ammunition.  This is a problem in itself because there isn’t quality control here – and there is opportunities for misfires and accidents.  Has gun free zones stopped mass shootings?  Nope – and neither will ammunition purchase restrictions stop people from getting it.

In the mean time all the honest legal gun owners are punished because California liberals don’t understand the Constitution and the right to bear arms.   We will see with Mark Baird’s lawsuit in Federal Court in Fresno on California’s banning of open carry.  This is a constitutional right that has been banned in California.  I suppose lawsuit after lawsuit has to be filed against the liberal state in order to get these laws overturned.

In the mean-time I will continue to follow the law because that’s what good people do.