The Way Impeachment is Being Handled is an Embarrassment

The way Impeachment is being handled by Pelosi and the Democrats is an embarrassment to the American People.   An impeachment of a American President is a big deal.   It is when formal charges are brought against a President for breaking the law as defined by the Constitution as high crimes and misdemeanors.

Confidential calls by a President to another countries leader about someone high in government, in this case Biden are certainly not off limits.  Corruption should be investigated on every level of our government. We should apply adequate pressure to reveal the truth and promote cooperation.  The American people are not told everything that happens in our country.   We are at the whim of the corrupt press for information.   The fact is that we probably will never know what really went on between President Trump and the Ukraine President in the telephone conversation.   What we will hear are the twisted facts and additions by the press to embellish the standings with the Democrats or Republicans.

What we do know, it is no secret; that the Liberal press has been after the President since the first day he was elected.  Every case that they bring against the President has been investigated with the same result – no wrong doing and a huge waste of tax payer money at the expense of the Democrat controlled Congress doing nothing for the American People.

To make this worse, Nancy Pelosi had acted inappropriately.   Her actions should result in a minimum of censure to removal from the position of Speaker. Gloating and giving out pens on Trump’s Impeachment is an embarrassment.   President Trump has not been allowed due process in the hearings in Congress.  It is true that he was not allowed to call one witness in his defense.  Our country was founded on honesty.  Every person that lives here should be afforded the right to due process.  President Trump has not been given that right and has been convicted by the Press and the Democrats before he has even had a chance to call witnesses and present his side of the story.   This is corruption at the highest level.   Everyone has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.  Trump has not been afforded that right.  Instead, he has been lambasted by the Press and the Speaker.

In a further embarrassment to the American People after Congress in their sham hearing voted to impeach the President Speaker Pelosi withheld the articles of impeachment from the Senate for several weeks demanding that the Republican controlled Senate give her certain guarantees before turning over the information for the Senate held trial.   This is unprecedented and illegal.   On top of that she was giving out Pelosi Impeachment pens when she signed the document and has been on news stations gloating.   This is hardly professional nor a manner of prestige the American people deserve.   In fact, this is an embarrassment to every American.    The world is watching.

The Senate now has the articles of Impeachment so now they can move forward with the hearing.   At this point this could be the only legitimate part of the process.    It remains to be seen how the Senate handles the hearing against President Trump.   I would hope that they handle the hearing with the utmost professionalism and provide the American people with the truth, call witnesses from both sides of the aisle so we can perhaps hear the facts in the case.

It will be interesting to see if 66 Senators actually vote to remove the President; there would have to be a clear amount of evidence of his wrong-doing, but like most Americans I actually believe there are not enough votes to do that.  In addition I believe like most Americans that this has been a political stunt by the Democrat controlled Congress to subvert the President.

Most Americans withhold their opinions on politics because they don’t want enemies at work, with family or friends.  Our country is so polarized in politics that speaking your opinion could cause grave damage to your relationships with the people you know so we just don’t talk about it.   The news on both sides of the aisle claim to be fair and balanced which isn’t true.   They just pander to their viewers and political party to get more advertising dollars for the company they work for.

Like most Americans I will be interested in the outcome of the Impeachment and the historic vote in the Senate.  The reality is that this will most likely backfire on the Democrats and could in-turn cost them seats in the Congress as well as the Presidential election in 2020.   The question remains is what will the Democrats do when they lose again?

It is sad that the Democratic Party is so polarized and so liberal.   I remember the Democrats of the 1960’s and they were a different group of people.  It was a party that I once belonged to.    I switched from the Democrat party in the 1980’s to the Republican party because of the behavior and morals the Democrat party began to embrace.   I am glad I did because the turn of events over the last 4 years has driven me even further away from them.   The people that really embrace the leftist squabble and behavior aren’t the people I want to associate with.  There is many Democrats that are center based that are like the Democrats from the 1960’s.   There are many of them who still believe in our country and that are not like the ones running the government.  Many of those have moved to the Independent Party.

I don’t choose my friends or family because of what political party they belong to, I choose them because of what kind of people they are.   We all get lost from time to time.   Democrats are people and so are Republicans.  As people we should tell our elected officials how to behave and if they don’t behave in a professional manner they should be either removed or voted out of office.  We need real Americans in office – ones that care and are honest.

I am not a President Trump fan by the way.  I really don’t like him.  I don’t like the way he lies or the way he speaks.  I do believe that he does have the best interest of the country at heart and he has done a lot since he has become President.  I look at the tax reform, trade deals, stronger military and stronger borders to name just a few.   He has made us a better country in those areas.  I just wish he could be honest all of the time and give the office of the President the professionalism it deserves.

In the mean time the Democrats, Pelosi and Schumer need to wake up.   It is time to be honest and fair.  There are many in your party that are – but your leaders aren’t behaving like leaders.  The same goes for some Republicans in office.  It is time to remove the barriers and forget about what party you belong to.   It is time to work for the American people that elected you to to a job.   Trump hating and squabbling isn’t what you were elected to do.   Lets start fixing our country.