Nov 3, 2020 – Are You Prepared?

Have you been paying attention to the news? Have you been keeping balanced by reading rhetoric from the left and the right news publications? Have you been tuned into the violence against everyday citizens by terrorist organizations like antifa, black lives matter, the KKK, or Neo-Natizism? These are just a few of the groups out there that will be dramatically effecting your lives in the next 90 – 120 days.

Will this be happening on November 4th?

There is a reason I did not start off this blog by using talking points from the Democrats (Liberal Left) or Republicans (Conservative Right). If I were to do that people would just move on to another blog.

Why is this important?

It is important to pay attention to our history. It is important not to listen to the rhetoric from the “cancel culture” because history will help tell us how to predict our future from past events and behaviors. The 1800’s election against Adams and Jefferson was very hot. Things would have become much worse if Adams had not recognized his loss and ceded the Presidency to Jefferson. The 1860’s was another hot time in history for Presidential elections. There was a distinct difference in ideas how this country was to be run back then, just as it is now. Where this applies to today’s standards is that if Trump were to lose his re-election bid he may not cede. This will be primarily due to mail-in and absentee voting.

Where this is going

Where I am going with this is that you need to be prepared for something much worse come November. Read the thoughts from the website below.

If Trump wins decisively, we should expect massive street protests by his numerous opponents in the electorate. These are likely to lead to violence especially when jubilant Trump supporters attempt to interrupt the protests.

If the election outcome is ‘too close to call’ and subject to court challenge, a la the 2000 Bush v. Gore case, Trump would likely be declared the winner given the partisan divide on the Supreme Court. Many Biden supporters will refuse to accept this outcome and launch a massive wave of protests, challenging the fundamental legitimacy of the whole process. Street battles could ensue.

If Biden wins decisively, Trump will likely claim the election was rigged against him and will likely urge his followers to take to the streets in opposition to the result. This would be an exceptionally dangerous situation because many Trump voters will go to the streets in protest. When they encounter serious opposition, either from the authorities or Biden supporters there could be violence – mostly from extreme leftist or right groups.

What you need to do

Just like Covid-19 there will be mass hysteria no matter what election result that occurs. Violence will erupt in the streets in the major cities. If Trump wins, massive looting and rioting will occur. If Biden wins the result will not be as violent however there will still be protests in the street and clashes between the left and right. It isn’t going to be pretty. Don’t expect your news media to prepare you for what is to come.

My suggestion would be to think about what you are going to need. I would start slowly stocking up on supplies; food, medicine, paper goods, water, batteries, ammunition, pet supplies, automotive necessities, bottled propane (5 Gallon) for cooking and other items you think you might need. Have some available cash because you won’t be able to make withdrawals from the bank.

During this transition there is going to be a few things things you will need to know. The supply chain will be interrupted. Deliveries of food and supplies will not make it to the market place. This includes fuel. Martial law will be declared. Your basic rights will be taken away. Your power-grid may be interrupted. Flashlights, food and supplies will be needed and in short supply. You will not be able to leave your home and go into the streets – it won’t be safe. There will be curfews. You won’t be going to work. What I said above is the “worst case scenario” but one you should be prepared for.

How long?

I expect the transition period to last 45-60 days. Things will be very rough at first but will continue to improve as people begin to accept what has happened. The next 4 years are going to be very violent no matter who wins on top. I hope I am wrong but is there anything wrong with being prepared just in case? If you aren’t prepared then who is going to take care of you? You will be on your own.

I would not be sharing your political views with anyone. People have memories and if you said you supported “Biden or Trump” they will remember that. It is possible you will be targeted for what you have said in the past. Don’t put yourself in that position.

Don’t tell people who you voted for. Don’t fight with family because they don’t align with your political belief’s. Politics is Politics. Family is much more important. Most importantly, be prepared because nobody is going to help you.

Good luck and I hope that my blog makes you think about what is to come. No matter what happens in November it will be interesting. Will Americans be Americans and accept the outcome of the election or will they be violent animals running the streets? Our history shows us that Americans can behave if the outcome of an election isn’t to their liking, however the behavior now is uncharted.