The Decline of America

The Decline of America is on the horizon. I am sure if there are people in America that have been paying attention to what is going on in our country in politics, movements against the Constitution, movements against law enforcement, movements against freedom and a hyped pandemic that isn’t doing the damage that has been advertised. Along with this we have President Trump, a non-politician who is running our country. He has done some good things in office but the lies and way he represents America is stunning to say the least. His opponent in the 2020 election, Joe Biden is a mental case with corruption that goes as deep as his 46 years as a politician. We have threats of court-packing, socialist run programs, socialist medicine, energy dependence, personal freedom, gun rights, history and deep rooted terror organizations beginning to take hold in our country. Not only this but we have a war waging on Christianity.

If we start looking at these things one at a time it is not hard to see the demise of America is coming.

Lets first look at history. The cancel culture is pretending that the things that made our country great never happened. Columbus didn’t discover America, America was born in early 1700, slavery only existed for black people, the founders of America were racists and our Presidents throughout our history are all evil.

One could write a book on debunking every liberal ploy to take away our heritage.

Racist organizations are popping up everywhere, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Proud Boys and the KKK to name a few. The truth be known there is over 1,000 racist organizations in the country. The most evil group that has taken America by storm is Black Lives Matter. One could write for days on all of the things BLM does that are racist and evil but who has time for that. The thought of the organization was to bring attention to black people who are being targeted, killed and oppressed by others. Of course white people are the ones on the radar but this really isn’t true. If Black Lives really mattered then why isn’t the organization doing something about the continued murder of the black population in Chicago on every weekend? You would think trying to keep people of color alive would be priority in line with the name of their organization. Instead BLM backs violent protests across the country looting and burning down businesses of hard working Americans – and believe me, color doesn’t matter there either because many black business owners have lost their livelihood.

The pandemic in our country is not what it seems to be. Yes, it is agreed that over 200,000 Americans have died, the majority that passed had preexisting conditions. The real number is 2 deaths per 1 million citizens. The US has had a large share of deaths but the numbers aren’t that bad. The US ranks 23rd in the world based on population. Lets look at what is really happening. It is all about government control. Businesses have been wiped off the map. Unemployment is through the roof. Homelessness is up. Mask laws are made out to be some sort of saving grace when the majority of Americans don’t properly wear the mask or handle the mask. It is about controlling the population. People are really scared because the vaccine that is supposed to be delivered is rumored to have a chip in it – a chip to track every American and those that read the Bible know what that means. Whether the chip theory is true or not it is certainly something that we all should be concerned with. The sheep that believe what government tells them will be the first herded to slaughter. Those that are skeptics like myself will have a much better chance at living a long life.

Lets think about the uprising against the police. What does that mean? Liberals don’t want the police to keep law and order. This allows BLM and Antifa to rule the streets. Police are the only thing that has kept America safe since the population swelled. Yes, back in the early 1900’s there were not as many police but there were a lot more things going on in our country that were not solved. I believe police have a job which is to maintain law and order. They are supposed to maintain the peace. They are supposed to keep protests orderly. They are supposed to help prevent looting a riots from going on. They are here to enforce the law and take people to jail that don’t follow it. They are not here to protect you – save you from murderous thugs. That is your job, your job to protect your family and that is why we have the second Amendment in America. With police out of the way Government can systematically take control of the people.

Court packing and the Constitution. Court packing has gone on in some degree in our history. Justices have been at 6-9 and moved up and down over the years. This isn’t the court packing we are talking about. Democrats want to have control over the Supreme Court so they can push their socialist agenda on those who are not willing to follow. People like me. I don’t want government run healthcare. I don’t want the government telling me to wear a mask. I don’t want government telling me if I can own a home or not. I don’t want government telling me I have to drive an electric car I can’t afford. I don’t want government telling me I can’t open my business. I don’t want government telling me that I have to take a Coronavirus injection. I don’t want government in my life everyday. We are a free people to a large degree. Yes, we have laws like wearing a seat belt. We should never have government tell us how many people can enter our business, if we can stay open or not, whether we can have a party or not and so forth. As people we are all responsible for ourselves and will take the risks necessary for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Government was formed by the people for the people, not the other way around.

The election in a couple of weeks. It is Trump vs. Biden. Who knows who will win. You can’t believe the liberal owned media or the polls. You can’t judge on the one-sided unfair debates. You can’t judge on personalities. Trump is a habitual liar and I hate that. Biden is a corrupt life-long politician. He is in the state of severe mental decline. He speaks softly like a politician; a sheep in wolves clothing. Harris is a two-faced liar. It is public knowledge what happened between her and Willy Brown the Mayor of San Francisco. Look it up. Binden/Harris flip flop on every topic. One day they are against something, the next day they aren’t. They just pander to the voters and hope they will get in for 4 years. They back socialism, government controlled everything, court packing, energy DEPENDENCE, and so on. They are scary individuals. Trump on the other hand – a non politician has done great things in his last 4 years – but can’t stop lying. I am never sure I can believe what he says. The only difference in this election is voting for the devil I know or the one I don’t know. I know Trump is a habitual liar but he has done nothing but help America. Biden on the other hand has had 46 years of history we can see and he has done nothing but pander to the left. His policy of socialism is very scary. What is even worse is if he is elected than Harris can have him removed under the 25th amendment and then what do you have?

When you start looking at America over the time since Obama became President what you see is a huge decline. America isn’t the place it used to be. It isn’t the beacon of light that it used to be. Our political environment is completely corrupt. The vision for America is no longer freedom and a Constitutional Republic but a socialistic government that fully controls the people. It is no longer the for the people – it is for itself. Greed, the demise of God in our lives, the decline of family values, the erasure of our History are all causing America to decline. Conservatives like myself are looking for places to go. I hate the California liberal controlled socialist attitude. I love California for its weather and beauty- and that is as far as it goes. The rest of the state has gone to hell. California was once the place to come to. Now 38% of the population are packing their bags. This is a clear vision of socialism. Live here awhile and you will completely understand where America is headed because California is already there.

I will close by saying I am sorry to my children and grandchildren that the country has gone this direction. As one of the last people that have conservative values left in the nation I clearly understand what America is. It was hope for the world. It has now become nothing more than a second rate nation in a spiral towards socialism, injustice, religious persecution and the loss of rights and freedom. If our ancestors were alive they would be disgusted.

There is no hope left for America I hate to say. I love this country and only have 20 or so years left here in this world. I am saddened that I will leave America during this transition and wonder just before my passing what kind of world has been left for the future generations. All is lost if Biden / Harris get control of America. There is no turning back. It only shows that Armageddon is just around the corner. For those of you that love God you will be saved, so there are no worries for you. For the others, I am deeply concerned.