It’s 2021 – Now What?

Well, 2020 is finally over and what a year. It was a interesting year to say the least. We had a deadly virus circling the world which did a great deal of damage. It took countless lives while the lock-downs world-wide caused financial devastation for many. Elected leaders of the free world took this time to impose outrageous restrictions on the citizens. Here in California the United States Constitution was trampled by a power-grabbing liberal (Governor Gavin Newsom) which in his “king authority” made rules that made no sense – however rules he personally violated.

The lock-downs didn’t follow science. Liquor stores remained open while parks and beaches were shut-down. Businesses that were willing to follow all of the science were shut-down. Restaurants were virtually put out of business along with barbers, hair salons, nail salons, movie theaters and bars.

People were told to stay at home and lock their doors. Children couldn’t go to school and were expected to learn their lessons on a computer screen. High Tech jobs were allowed to work from home and for those that could not are unemployed. The fortunate victims were those that were considered essential workers, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, grocery clerks, pet stores, automotive stores, hardware stores and cell phone stores were open. We were hung out to dry to service those who were lucky enough to stay home. Each of us went to work daily not knowing whether or not we would be the next one that dies or in the hospital – all to service the rest of the world. We got no “thank-you’s” – Instead we were expected to be the mask-police and were treated badly through this epidemic by careless people who could give a damn on what we were sacrificing.

We did however keep our jobs, and our homes, and our paychecks. We were not under the financial burden others were facing – but a risk at a very high price – and any of us could pay with our lives.

2020 was a miserable year for lots of things. In politics the last 4 years have been brutal. I have never seen so much hate. If you are a Republican you are a racist scumbag – no matter if you are preacher or the doctor that just saved your life. This is all because a large liberal wing of the population has been manipulated by a dishonest media and a dishonest government starting at the justice department and ending at the courts. It was bad. No longer could you comment on social media with your real name. There could be repercussions. If you were a Republican you were shit. If you were a Democrat you were a demigod. With 2021 coming in the Democrats got what they wanted. A liberal President and Staff – so hopefully they will begin to treat people with a different political opinion decently. I would say through this year and the last four, there were people that were ill-behaved on both sides of the aisle. The political friction has been so bad when I was asked at work what party I belonged to or who I voted for my response was “you aren’t allowed to discuss politics at work, so no comment.”

Moving on, there was shortages on everything from toilet paper to food. The true behavior of people were brought to the surface for all to see. Hording, fighting and stealing; nobody else mattered. It was all about them.

This was also the year for right wing and left wing groups to take charge. Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Proud Boys and the KKK all came to the surface. Riots – looting and burning were common place. I don’t understand why people think BLM is not a racist organization. They were responsible for lots of riots, looting and death – in their supposed march to bring attention to the plight of the black person. Now they think they should get reparations because 150 years ago there was slavery. Those people who deserved money are dead. All lives matter – and BLM should be recognized for what it is.

I am not sure what 2021 is going to bring. Will people table the hate come the 2021 swearing in of a Liberal President? Will the riots and looting stop? Will the police that are being shot daily stop? Will the coronavirus lock-downs go away? Will businesses be able to reopen? Will America change? Will Democrats change? Will Republicans change? Will the trampling of the Constitution stop? Will the cancel culture accept or history? There is so many questions and it is too soon to see.

All that I can say is even with the risks of getting sick by covid as an essential worker, I am better off that 98% of the rest of the population. I am working, I have food on the table, money in the bank and I can pay my mortgage. I have no credit card debt and I live in a very beautiful home in the mountains. There is little crime here, the people are nice, there aren’t riots and Democrats and Republicans still get along – respecting each other’s differences.

I am looking forward to seeing real news without political bias, the secession of censoring on Twitter, Facebook and the death of coronavirus. I am looking forward to life returning – a trip out to dinner or a movie – a concert and perhaps a 4th of July parade. Who knows what 2021 will bring but I am hoping that what is coming next is the return of our normal lives and freedom. I hope BLM goes away along with all of the other racist organizations, I hope the cancel culture embraces our history and I hope everyone is healthy and happy going forward. It is a lot to ask but God is on our side and will be there if you let him.

Happy New Year and the best of luck and health to your families.