Apple Watch 6 LTE – iPhone 11 Pro – Mail Problems and How to Fix

Apple has done a great job with its watch and phones. I was an Apple user until the iPhone 7 came out and then switched to Samsung. After years of problems with battery life and problems with the Samsung watch not doing what it was supposed to do I switched back.

The Apple Watch 6 and the iPhone 11pro are both awesome. The battery life on the phone is about two days with normal use and after 24 hours of normal use on the watch I am at about 30%. This is very good –

The watch works very well for phone calls and texting. Most of the applications work very well – except for email. Using the stock email application with Gmail accounts I found that if I got out of bluetooth / WiFi range that the mail would not sync. It would give you error messages. It didn’t work on LTE – and I thought – how could a watch that was marketed as a stand alone device do this? Reading Apple’s website no-where does it say that email works stand alone. Texting and phone calls with the health and fitness applications work great. So here began the long list of research.

I downloaded many applications for email that were supposed to work. Spark, Canary, and a slew of others. Spark did great on WiFi and Bluetooth. Notifications were quick because their application supports push mail where IOS only supported Fetch on the iPhone. Great! Then when the emails started coming Spark could not decode an HTML email. Plain text was fine but it on HTML mail it said to view on my phone. When I got out of bluetooth / WiFi range – the application ceased to function. Well this wasn’t going to work – so I downloaded Canary.

Canary mail worked great out of the box. The download was easy and the encryption it offered was one of the reasons for the pick. Instead of free it is 19.99 after 30 days so I figured I would put it to the test. Canary mail did well on notifications on the watch and was better than Spark. It could decode HTML mail however – after a few lines of text it was done. So still – back to the iPhone to read the message. Also Canary did not work and sync correctly on Bluetooth / WiFi. After emailing tech support I found that Canary mail would work over LTE if your phone was on LTE. This means that if you were on your home WiFi network it wasn’t going to work, but if you disconnected from your home WiFi network it would. This is information you will never find on the web so if you use Canary Mail this is how to get it working – however keep in mind that you won’t be able to see the email.

Back to the Stock IOS Mail application…. After doing lots of reading I found that in IOS mail that the ICloud account works both on LTE / Bluetooth and WiFi. There is barely any information to support this on the web so I decided to test it. I left my iPhone on WiFi and Bluetooth and walked down the street. I waited for my watch to connect to LTE and the ICloud mail was still there! I could read it – I could send messages and I could read the entire emails – html or plain text! I was shocked. There is hardly any documentation that says ICloud email works on LTE. So if you want to get email on your watch – then you have to use your ICloud account.

Many people don’t want to change their email addresses to an ICloud account so if you have Gmail you can simply open it up on the web – go into settings and forward a copy of all of your mail to the ICloud account. It works great – and when you do that you will get the mail on your watch and phone without a hitch. When you read it – the mail is also marked as read. So now on my iPhone I only use my ICloud account. I just forward my mail there and then when I am on the laptop I can use the other accounts, or you can leave the other accounts on your phone – and just turn of notifications so they are not doubled.

I also found that IOS mail works with an Exchange account over LTE/Bluetooth and WiFi – so if you have an exchange account from work or upgrade on Gmail to it’s paid version you will have mail on your watch as well.

My tests worked well for me – so give it a try. I am not sure if your experience will be the same. There are variables like who does your home Internet and who your cell provider is I am sure. I am using ATT for my home network and T-Mobile for my cell phone and watch and it works fine.

Try this out and if it works for you then you don’t have to buy a third party application that doesn’t quite work. If you are in need of secure mail – than Canary mail is probably the solution. Spark mail works great on the iPhone but the watch application has a long way to go. Good Luck

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  1. Mike says:

    Did get an update from Spark Technical Support Team. They said that they were working on a HTML Mail reader for the Apple Watch and they would let me know when it was released. Canary responded and said they would check into issues with mail improperly syncing on WIFI. It syncs fine on LTE.

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