Nimaway Blog — Reset

Beginning Jan 3, 2021 Nimaway Blog has been reset. We have removed over 300 blogs and text from this site due to the extreme political views in America.

I can no longer afford to present my political views on this forum. There is no longer a balanced America where people are allowed to share a viewpoint without being attacked. The trolls on the Internet are vile, racist, extremist and threatening. The safety of my family is more important than posting my opinion so moving forward my articles will be more informational instead of political.

There is a group of individuals that are extreme left and extreme right that pose a threat to America. Those individuals could attack without warning or reason anyone in the media (or blogs in this case) for an opinion that is different than theirs. In America we still have freedom of the press however there is clear bias in the media and censorship from large media organizations. This censorship is not reporting the news like it has been for decades – it is a censorship catering to their ideals and is specifically targeted to increase ad revenue for their websites. There is no accountability for telling the truth in the media. That has been gone for almost two decades.

As America moves forward with COVID-19 it will be quite different. Small business has been decapitated, restaurants and movie theaters are broke and concerts and gatherings are a thing of the past. As we move forward nobody can predict our future. Things could go back to the way it was but there has been a taste in America that government enjoyed – the taste of revoking freedom for a “health emergency.” There is no telling what that will do to our democracy.

As we enter 2021 I want to wish everyone success, health and enjoyment. We can all hope for America to heal from the vile and violent differences of opinion into more of a country where we can respect each other. For those that believe in God – seek his wisdom and guidance. For those that do not seek comfort in others that you believe in. We can all live in this world in peace regardless of our opinions providing we respect each other. Think about that.

You are welcome to post your feedback below. It will not be posted. It will be kept confidential. This form just generates an email feedback to me. Please don’t use this form to try to sell me something. If I find this form being abused I will remove it. I ask for a name – it can be a fake one. The email has to be validated for this form to submit. I do not harvest email addresses nor do I sell anything from my blog.

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