Ubuntu / Kubuntu 20.04.1 Not Ready for Mainstream

There has been many prompts for me to upgrade my Ubuntu 18.04 LTE to the newest version so I thought I would give it a try. Yes, I am running an older HP laptop but Linux runs great on it as expected. Here is what happened to me.

I did the upgrade and it went off without a hitch. The upgrade was automatic and Ubuntu downloaded and installed all the files. The computer rebooted without a hitch and we were off and running.

This is when the problems started. First the touchpad was not working properly. Yes, two finger scroll worked okay but edge scroll was broken. I had to re-install synaptics for the touchpad and reboot. That went off without a hitch as well and the touchpad functioned fine. I did the rest of the fine tuning I do.

For no reason I had a freeze on the system. The mouse would not move and all the keys were frozen. I had no other option but to do a hard reboot. That worked but within the hour the system crashed again with a hard freeze.

Researching the internet and the help forums I found that many other people were having the same issues. Most of the blame fell on the video card, however that was not the case in my system. I tried many configurations and just finally gave up – and thought – perhaps the upgrade didn’t work. I downloaded and burned a fresh copy of Ubuntu 20.04 to a DVD and proceeded to do a complete install from scratch.

This is a timely process – and once downloaded I left the system alone. I left it stock and installed no drivers – did no configuration changes and surfed the web. Within an hour we were completely locked up and frozen.

I had to think – is Gnome a problem? I have a Intel dual core mobile processor with 8MB of ram. I did a hard reboot and booted into the diagnostic mode in my laptop. I let the system run all of the diagnostic tests on Memory, Hard-Drive, Motherboard- Video card etc. It ran most of the night. All of the diagnostic tests came back perfect.

I then proceeded to reboot and download Kubuntu instead. It uses the Plasma shell instead of the Gnome Shell. I did a fresh install and waited. Within an hour the screen was locked up along with the mouse and touchpad.

Ubuntu and Kubuntu 20.04 has problems yet nobody admits a problem exists. There are many complaints on the web and forums about lock-up problems that nobody seems to have a solution for.

So Finally, I did a complete install of Ubuntu 18.04. I did all of the upgrades to get the latest drivers and software – sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade and we were back in business. I waited an used my laptop for 4 days. No reboots just put it to sleep and brought it back up. NO CRASHES – NO LOCKUPS. I installed syntaptic for my touchpad using the install for 18.04 – edge scrolling works and went about reinstalling the software I use.

This is not an isolated problem and the Ubuntu team running the various flavors need to find out what is wrong with 20.04. In the mean time Ubuntu 18.04 LTE is supported for a couple more years I wouldn’t take the bait to upgrade unless you have time on your hands to play with it.

Sorry Ubuntu – but your team is usually on it – but in the rush to complete this upgrade you missed something. You do great work but until the forums are clean and there is no more complaints of lockups and crashing I won’t be upgrading and don’t recommend it to others.

My background is over 50 years working with computers and operating systems. I have a business degree and was around playing with DOS and Os2 when they came out. I used Microsoft until the end of Windows 98. I found that after that their software became too buggy to use – and that is when I migrated to Linux. I am a long time end user – not a programmer but I have built my own home server off of Linux to handle my mail and all of the tasks I do – so I am not a novice – and I am not an expert. For the daily user I would say that I recommend no upgrade right now. I will update this article when things change. Happy New Year *2021.

Anything to add? Put in your two cents here.

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