Media and Social Media Censorship

Media Censorship
Censorship is Legal by Private Companies

In America there are thoughts that there has been change with news media and social media exercising censorship. There has been censorship in the news media for decades and social media is no exception. This seems to have been brought to light lately with the removal of the POTUS by suspension of his accounts on Twitter and Facebook.

Social media has always played to the liberal side and they have every right to do so. They own the computers and programs that people use on Facebook and Twitter so they have the right to control the content of those sites. There is no difference at all when it comes to the news media. There is no such thing as fair and balanced reporting because the news media caters to their advertisers and other supporters that provide them funds to operate.

The folks that use Twitter and Facebook need to understand that by using those sites they are supporting their censorship. It is no difference if you watch Fox News or CNN – by watching either one you support their censorship as well.

There are other social media sites that have a conservative side like Parlor or Gab – which have both been singled out because they “say they don’t censor” but their media formats exist on servers that are owned by the liberal side – so of course they will be cut off. This is how censorship works.

The only way to survive censorship is to write a blog like I do. I don’t allow comments on my blog and I am very careful how I say things; I don’t incite violence and I have learned that by running a weblog that I just don’t allow comments. Allowing comments invite “trolls” to your website and they do incite anger. It isn’t worth it.

Censorship is nothing new. It has become more evident because people have flocked to the Internet to use websites to voice their opinions. Most operate under a pseudonym and hide behind it because they would never speak to anyone in public the way they do on social media. It is really a game where people go to argue and incite flaming responses to what they say. People actually have fun being mean at other people’s expenses.

I have tried making comments on our local newspaper the Mountain Democrat. The comment section is open and there are clearly trolls that hang out there to do nothing more than put nasty comments to just about any letter that may be written. It is intentional and they think they are funny. There is no honor in the posts and by hiding behind fake names and the lies they tell there is no accountability. This is the main reason sites like Twitter, Parlor, Facebook and Gab exist.

I can’t say that I have not been caught up in the social media game. I think at times I have been angered to the point that I acted like a troll myself. This is not healthy. Sometimes I still post on the local paper not to be a troll but to challenge those that are posting to identify themselves or the business they are running. I make the challenge because I know that they will never identify who they are or what business they own because they would see an immediate drop in sales. They already know that their behavior is unacceptable and my discussion posts either end with remarks from a troll or crickets.

I have a recommendation for people that seem to be worried about censorship here in America. First, realize that anyone doing business on the Internet who is a social media or news company is going to censor what they post. This isn’t a honest game. This is a game where they are looking for site traffic to boost advertising revenue. Second, realize that these social clubs are not here to let you post your anger – they are here to make money. Third you must realize that their support comes from different sides of the political aisle so they will censor what they do not agree with. Fourth, I would not join any of those sites because you are supporting censorship.

If you want your voice to be heard write your own weblog. Don’t allow comments and keep your identity and site ownership private. People can read your opinion and either agree or disagree with it. They have no ability to be a troll and they can counter your opinion by linking to your weblog from their own and say why they don’t agree.

Nobody does that.

Ignore the censorship headlines and don’t get caught up with posting on Facebook, Twitter, Parlor or Gab about political views. Ignore the local paper and leave out your two cents. It won’t make a difference. If you have to write your opinion then do it on your own weblog. It is yours. You can change it, delete it or add more to it. It isn’t on the Internet unless you want it there. Trust me, when posting to those websites you can’t take it back. The ownership is theirs – not yours anymore. Read the website use rules. Certainly you wouldn’t want to lose your job over it.

Good luck to all of you and I hope that you make a change in regards to social media. It isn’t healthy, what you see is mostly fiction and you are feeding the trolls.

America will not heal until people become civil again. They need to learn that the Internet is not here to be a whipping post for their enjoyment. It is here to share information. It is here to share things with your loved ones. It isn’t here for trolls and the “fat cat” media to get rich off of you. End your comments and be a happier person. Invest your money and time in something worth-while.

Anything to add? Put in your two cents here.

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