The Double Talk on the Infrastructure Bill – Do People Really Believe this ?

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  1. Mike says:

    Update – It appears that the House passed this deal after months of fighting. Looks like a few Republicans sold out – however there is the Senate – which will vote party lines – and Harris will step in and make it happen. Glad it wasn’t tied to the social package – but this kind of spending isn’t good for America. Not a fan – Inflation and taxes will have to pay for this. Those like me who are thinking of retiring in a couple years are going to be working a lot longer. Sad – Feel for my kids as the are going to pay for this – a lot more than me.

  2. mike says:

    Lots going on with this. Petroleum Reserves being sold to fund – money taken from Medicare – 18.9 cent gas tax, 36% death tax, 8 cent a mile driving tax study and more. It is clear that we have a few Democrats (2) that have actually read the bill and realize this is a lot of money and it isn’t a tax on the rich.

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