Prediction – Food and Water Shortages for Northern California Late Summer / Fall – 2022. Surging Inflation

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1 month ago

July 2020 – California limits residents to 55 gallons of water per day per person….. I wonder what will happen to the people that use more than that? Sounds like growing your own food is out of the question in California – unless you have a secret water source. I can see people now going to the lakes and pumping water into the back of their trucks…

Reply to  Mike
24 days ago

Water going down to 45 soon. Also big rate increases on those that go over the limit – and it is charged by the gallon from what I hear. I guess we have to wait to see the water bills hitting the Internet so we can see them.

24 days ago

Hit the news again today on May 5 2022. USAID says never let a crisis go to waste. They want farmers to go-green so they don’t care if there are food shortages. They can blame this on fertilizer shortages because of “Ukraine and Russia” which is unfounded. Everything that the Biden administration does is to hurt the average American citizen who is just trying to make ends meet.