Dogs Heat Cycle and Seizures

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  1. Mike says:

    Update – Had our dog Stella spayed. Within a week her energy level has doubled as the hormones are headed out of her system. This has been nothing but good so far. No more seizures to report since her heat cycle in May. Hoping we don’t have to see them again.

  2. Mike says:

    Well on July 6th our dog Stella will be fixed. We have determined that having her fixed is safer than dealing with seizures that may kill her. I will update on the blog on how the procedure went.

  3. Mike says:

    Its been 23 days – no seizures.

  4. Mike says:

    It has been 20 days since her cycle started. No seizures for 7 days – and Stella is returning to normal – Her energy level is back to where it was and today is the first time she started eating normally.

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