Biden Confused Again – on Second Amendment – and Banning 9mm Handguns

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19 days ago

Check this out. This article explains what our brain dead president should understand.
Biden’s proposed assault weapons ban has a serious constitutional problem | Fox News

21 days ago

Another weekend of mass shootings. It makes you wonder if the media is hyping all of this? The violence that is highlighted is the entire country and each day something hits the headlines. This is a country of over 380 million people. Would it be safe to say there is violence somewhere in this country every minute of the day. The latest gun violence is in PA, and there is knifings at a hospital in LA. Should we outlaw knives? Maybe the media is just taking this too far. Something to think about. If every single event that has gun violence is highlighted in the national media will the left get its way? Will Biden be allowed to outlaw 9mm hand-guns? Should I be purchasing a 45 magnum?

23 days ago

Biden is wrong. The Second Amendment is absolute. There is no debating the gun rights our forefathers passed on to us. Children should not be allowed to own them under 21 unless serving in the military.

24 days ago

Biden attacks the second amendment 6/2/22. He hasn’t a clue. High-Capacity Magazines are already eliminated in California and the word hasn’t got to the thugs and criminals who have high-capacity magazines. A 9mm is not a high powered handgun. There is no way that rifles like the AR15 will be outlawed – it is simple – law abiding citizens will not turn them in. Trying to confiscate guns and rifles will result in a civil war. Are you ready?