Biden, Divider, Hater, Socialist, Extremist

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  1. Mike says:

    Keeping up with social media on Biden and even CNN it is very clear he is not scoring points. The liberal media is beginning to turn – still have the die hards like MSNBC – but you can see that most people are not happy with the direction of this country under his leadership. He is doing a poor job. He cannot even properly speak without notes or cards indicating the progress of his mental abilities which are surely going down the tubes. His press secretary is no better – she cannot even make a good excuse for his behavior and tells some pretty big whoppers. She will not answer the media’s questions either. This guy needs to go away IMHO. People need to hear the truth and vote out these pieces of garbage and put some younger people in the system with brains. Not saying all Democrats are bad – there are several that I like and respect – however these folks are not in the position to change things. There are several Republicans that can lead – and do a better job than Trump if given the chance. Trump is out of the equation however the media would have you believe something completely different.

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