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How Soon People Forget, Newsom

People forget very soon about what other people do. Governor Newsom dodged the recall vote this week. People all over California think this is a good thing. After all, they forgot about the French Laundry where Newsom flaunted the mask and Covid-19 guidelines he placed on everyone else. They also forgot about the billions of dollars lost by the Employment Development Department in California due to fraudulent claims. Small business...


In 4 Months the Democrats have Destroyed the Economy

In a short 4 months the Democrats (The Biden / Harris Leadership) has completely destroyed the economy. Our borders are weak and we are headed for food and fuel shortages. The housing market is going to explode. Why is this happening?

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Mainstream Media has Lost it’s bid to Silence Conservative Voices

Mainstream media has lost its bid to silence conservative voices. It has lost because Parler still lives. Parler for those who do not know was completely shut-down and silenced by the liberal media after the demonstrations by conservatives at our Capital in Washington D.C. Parler is the conservative version to Twitter. Amazon shut down their web services and the liberal news media from the major networks did all they could...



Does the news media and the Democrats really believe they can deprogram Republicans? They think they can. Can you believe this latest twist?

Media Censorship

Media and Social Media Censorship

In America there are thoughts that there has been change with news media and social media exercising censorship. There has been censorship in the news media for decades and social media is no exception. This seems to have been brought to light lately with the removal of the POTUS by suspension of his accounts on Twitter and Facebook. Social media has always played to the liberal side and they have...

Ubuntu / Kubuntu 20.04.1 Not Ready for Mainstream

Ubuntu / Kubuntu 20.04.1 Not Ready for Mainstream

There has been many prompts for me to upgrade my Ubuntu 18.04 LTE to the newest version so I thought I would give it a try. Yes, I am running an older HP laptop but Linux runs great on it as expected. Here is what happened to me. I did the upgrade and it went off without a hitch. The upgrade was automatic and Ubuntu downloaded and installed all the...

It’s 2021 – Now What?

It’s 2021 – Now What?

Well, 2020 is finally over and what a year. It was a interesting year to say the least. We had a deadly virus circling the world which did a great deal of damage. It took countless lives while the lock-downs world-wide caused financial devastation for many. Elected leaders of the free world took this time to impose outrageous restrictions on the citizens. Here in California the United States Constitution was...