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Biden Confused Again – on Second Amendment – and Banning 9mm Handguns

Biden has lost his brain again – and again his staff has had to walk back his comments. It is sad that our president has such a mental condition and is still allowed to serve. Biden thinks that 9mm handguns are very powerful and made a comment to ban them and he thinks a 22-caliber bullet will stop an attack. Also, he did not mention 45 caliber handguns which is...

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California and PG&E – Letting Citizens Struggle in Inflation and a Broken Power Grid

California and PG&E have again let the citizens down that live in the State of California. It was announced on 5/6/2022 that the state would resume rotating power outages in the summer because they do not have enough energy to supply the residents. They are estimating a 1,750-megawatt shortfall. 1 megawatt is enough power to run 750 homes so 1,312,500 homes will be without power on a rotating basis in...

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Roe V Wade – Overreaction by the Masses

The news is ablaze with the leaked document on a possible decision on Roe V Wade. It is sad that one of the law clerks leaked an incomplete opinion to the news and I believe this person should be fired and disbarred for this political act. Now my opinion piece on why it is an Overreaction by the Masses. When Roe V Wade hit the Supreme Court and was approved...

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Dogs Heat Cycle and Seizures

Recently our Sheltie started having seizures. The first one appeared as if she was poisoned as she could walk and was stumbling around. Of course, she was immediately rushed to the vet. Based on timing it appeared in about the first stage of her cycle – about 7 days after it started or what you would call the Proestrus stage. After running over $1000 dollars’ worth of tests what was...


Disinformation Governance Board – Attack on Free Speech

Biden and his wonder band of merry men and women have decided that the Government should control what is the truth and what is not. If this sounds like Russia or China, it is. Right now, in Russia the people don’t even know why their country is at war with Ukraine – except what the government tells them, except perhaps those that use a VPN or have access to information....

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Home Air Fresheners Toxic to Pets

Air Fresheners are toxic to pets and the manufacturers are not telling you this. Read my article – better yet – read the back of the product and see what it contains.

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Biden’s Gaffes

Check out Biden’s Gaffe’s courtesy of UTube


Biden – Harris – Weak Leaders – Don’t Care about America

Biden and Harris are weak leaders and do not care about America. Nothing can be more evident than the complete failure in Ukraine. They had months to react to the build-up of Russian troops around Ukraine. They had the opportunity to arm the Ukranian people and sat on their hands and did nothing. The American people need to open their eyes. The Biden SOTU speech did nothing to address any...


The Leadership of Joe Biden is Detrimental to America

It is probably becoming evident that the leadership of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party has been detrimental to America. President Biden has been in charge of America for a short 13 months and in that time he has caused irreputable damage. The disaster in Ukraine was forthcoming for months and Biden sat on his hands and did absolutely nothing to help Ukraine. The intelligence that he so brilliantly shared...


Democrats Sell Inflation As No Big Deal

Democrats are selling inflation as no big deal. They think you can afford prices going up and up. If you don’t believe me read MSNBC and CNN and look at the comments the anchors are making in support of the Biden Administration.