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These Portraits Were Made by AI: None of These People Exist

Check out these rather ordinary looking portraits. They’re all fake. Not in the sense that they were Photoshopped, but rather they were completely made by AI (Artificial Intelligence). Source: These Portraits Were Made by AI: None of These People Exist This is a very interesting blog that talks about how...

Time to Scrap that Window’s Machine

Well it is time to finally scrap that spare Window’s machine you have kept around just in case.   I am a group of a small percentage of people who use Linux because Window’s has become bloat-ware, has an incredible amount of hack attacks, requires virus software, and every program you...

Meltdown and Spectre CPU Flaws

Regardless of which operating system you may use your computer is at risk for attack due to issues with AMD and Intel CPU’s. The way CPU’s process and handle encrypted information in the processor is not encrypted so your information, passwords, banking information and more are no longer secure. Click the heading to read more.


How to Tame Windows 10 Internet Usage

Windows 10 is a huge data hog. Its updates in a month can exceed 4GB. That’s not the only thing. The Live Tiles and the large number of applications running in the background that you don’t know about will eat more data. If you are on a limited data plan you may want to read more.