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COVID-19 – Government Overreach

COVID-19 – Government Overreach There has been a severe overreach of government using the guise of COVID-19 as a reason. It was never the intention of our founding fathers to have government make rules that violate our basic constitutional rights, however the Governor of California Gavin Newsom thinks he has...

Government Corruption

Government Corruption at it’s Highest Level

Many people have turned off the news and are trying to ignore the negative press on the President of the United States. The news media tends to print negative stories against the President 90% of the time to get higher ratings and advertising dollars. The truth does not generate revenue.

California Poppy

California is Guilty of Sedition

This article is open to members and non-members. California is starting to get held accountable for it’s illegal actions on violating the United States Constitution in many ways. Please read this article and sign the petition so I can be free from California forever – and reside in the 51st State of Jefferson. Click to read more:

Being Labeled

My website speaks about things that I do not like. I do not like many of the things Liberals (Democrats) do, or Conservative (Republicans) do. Many of the things they do are against my moral principles. Our society is more than two dimensional.

California State Capitol

21 Counties of California Refuse to Support State Sanctuary Bill

The State of Jefferson joins the California Sheriff’s Association and National Sheriff’s Association, in their call for Congress to, “take action and pass sensible legislation that doesn’t hamstring law enforcement.” The citizens of the twenty-one counties that encompass the State of Jefferson have long supported their county sheriffs who have declared they will comply with Federal Immigration Law, should the Governor sign SB 54. The Jefferson leadership has been outspoken about Brown and his administration putting the needs of illegal aliens (criminals), before that of the health and safety of American Citizens. Read More…