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Why Comments from Celebrities Don’t Matter

The news has been blow up lately from people who think they are important making comments and telling me what I should think. People from News Sources and Hollywood are all telling me what I should think. They tell us what people should wear, what they should think, what they should support and why their view is so important.

Government Corruption

Government Corruption at it’s Highest Level

Many people have turned off the news and are trying to ignore the negative press on the President of the United States. The news media tends to print negative stories against the President 90% of the time to get higher ratings and advertising dollars. The truth does not generate revenue.

Salvation Army Bell Ringer Beaten for Wishing a Man ‘Merry Christmas’

A Salvation Army bell ringer in California had been beaten in front of a Walmart because he wanted to spread joy this holiday season. Source: Salvation Army Bell Ringer Beaten for Wishing a Man ‘Merry Christmas’ Just think, this happened in Roseville, California an upscale area in the Northern California...

Racism in the News. Hate from the Left. #BOYCOTTESPN

It is very concerning to see three people from the Entertainment, Sports, Media doing racist things. Rapper XXXTentacion hangs a white child on one of his rap videos, Colin Kaepernick gives Jemele Hill an ESPN sportscaster kudo’s for calling our President a White Supremacist. Read more…