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Mid-Term Elections Devastating for California – Higher Taxes Coming

It has almost been a week since the mid-term elections in California.   As the final tally sinks in to the voters few seem concerned.   Three out of the 4 multi-billion bonds were passed as well has hundreds of sales tax increases.   Gavin Newsom was elected governor, Feinstein  keeps her job and 5 more republicans were ousted from their positions.   You could say a “blue wave” did hit California, however it was not unexpected.

The Truth About Electric Cars That Nobody Wants To Tell You

I have attached a great article for you to read about electric cars.  Lots of research has been done about the costs and the reduction of environmental pollutants.   This article points out that there is actually no benefit from electric cars, it actually increases the amount of pollution and reduces air quality, and explains where all of the money is coming from.

Californians are Fed Up

Citizens of California are fed up with the high taxes and socialistic programs in California. Many middle-class are on the fiscal cliff where one more tax will force them to leave.

Judge rules state should repay $331 million in housing funds

In a decision delivered last month, Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley ruled Gov. Jerry Brown and the state Legislature acted unlawfully in diverting more than $331 million out of $410.6 million in mortgage settlement funds that were intended to help homeowners struggling with foreclosures.

The California Balanced Budget Lie

I’m Confused… California Boasts a Balanced Budget for 2018 but is 426.1 Billion in Debt

I am confused with all of the news reporting from California.   Governor Brown and his liberal political associates boast that California is the 5th largest economy in the world and that it has a budget surplus.    California also has one of the highest State taxes and largest amount of money spent on welfare annually (18.1 Billion) and the highest cost of fuel in the nation. But what isn’t talked about is California’s debt.

California Supreme Court Removes Will of the Voters

It is amazing how people only pay attention to the News Media and pass tweets back and forth about how much they hate President Trump but allow things to occur in their own backyard that is outrageous. For those Californians asleep at the switch again here is what your courts did to you this week.