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AB1346 a Disaster for California – Banning of Small Gasoline Engines by 2024

As usual California liberals think they are on the forefront to green energy. It is clear that politicians and Governors don’t think at all. It is also clear that people living in the cities of California don’t either as they are all for this ban. First of all when you look at the bill it is very small – only about one page and perhaps some of it may make...


California wants Restaurants to become the Vaccine Police.

California wants restaurants to become the vaccine police. Recently several In-N-Out burger restaurants have been targeted by the county health departments. What these counties expect is that In-N-Out become the vaccine police. They want them to check COVID cards or proof of a recent test (within 72 hours) before they can allow a patron to eat indoors. I am glad to see In-N-Out standing up on this one. It is...