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McClintock Talks about the Muller Probe.

McClintock gets it Right on the Muller Investigation. Watch this video and you will get an idea on what is really happening on the Muller Investigation and the sham of impeachment talk.  McClintock says the truth and of course many will argue with it.   What I like is that McClintock...

Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez keep lying about socialism. Here’s the truth

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., have amassed a huge following among millennials by propagating the myth that the only way to solve society’s problems is to seize wealth and property away from law-abiding citizens so that the federal government has significantly more power over all of our lives.

Government Corruption

Government Corruption at it’s Highest Level

Many people have turned off the news and are trying to ignore the negative press on the President of the United States. The news media tends to print negative stories against the President 90% of the time to get higher ratings and advertising dollars. The truth does not generate revenue.

El Dorado County Supervisors Silent on SB54 Resolution – React 20 Days Later due to Public Pressure

El Dorado County Supervisors are slow to act – and remain silent when citizens demand that they adopt a resolution not in support of Senate Bill 54 which prevents law enforcement from turning over illegal immigrants to Immigration Authorities. 20 Days later they responded. Read their response.

DOJ looking into possible obstruction charge against Oakland mayor who warned of ICE raid

  The Department of Justice is looking into whether Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf obstructed justice by warning Northern California residents of an impending raid by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Source: DOJ looking into possible obstruction charge against Oakland mayor who warned of ICE raid [restrict] t is about...

California Poppy

California is Guilty of Sedition

This article is open to members and non-members. California is starting to get held accountable for it’s illegal actions on violating the United States Constitution in many ways. Please read this article and sign the petition so I can be free from California forever – and reside in the 51st State of Jefferson. Click to read more:

Childish Politicians in Washington DC

It is tit for tat.  The republicans release a damaging memorandum on the lack of professionalism of our FBI and now the democrats want to release a rebuttal. Why are we wasting any more time on this? Why are we wasting tax dollars on this?  I thought kindergarten and grammar...

California Spends 25 Million Dollars of Tax Payers Money on Sexual Harassment Lawsuits against Law Makers!

Last week it was revealed that the state of California had paid out more than $25,000,000 in the last three fiscal years to settle sexual harassment-related cases. Most of these settlements were funded with taxpayer dollars. I don’t know about you but I don’t think that anyone would step in and pay out money to cover something that I had done that was wrong! I’d like to know why the public entity expects me to pay for the wrongs and indiscretions that others have committed!

DOJ threatens California, Sacramento County with immigration subpoenas

U.S. Department of Justice demands records on immigration Source: DOJ threatens California, Sacramento County with immigration subpoenas It is interesting to read the state legislators and attorney general’s comments that they are “really” cooperating with Federal Officials on Immigration.   The bottom line is that they are not and have been...