Category: Protesters

Blogs on protests / protesters in the United States and their behavior where it comes to following the law.

No to NIKE

Nike just announced that Colin Kaepernick is going on as their spokesperson in advertising – using the advertising slogan “Believe in Something even if you sacrifice everything.” 

NFL Protests

Again this year we have a group of NFL players that are kneeling during the National Anthem and disrespecting our Flag and Country.   Kansas City Chief’s Player Marcus Peters took a seat on the season opener against the Patriots. There seems to be a real trend in this country with...

Oldest Christopher Columbus Monument Destroyed

Things continue to heat up in the nation with the destruction of historical statues and monuments.   The latest destruction was a 225 year old monument in Baltimore of Christopher Columbus. It is difficult for me to understand why Christopher Columbus is a racist.   Am I missing something here?...

Urban Illness in America

There is an Urban Illness in America. What is an Urban Illness anyway?   In America the inner-cities have pretty much lost their mind.   It is an illness so big it is taking a stronghold in our country.  First there is an immense amount of hate.   These racial tensions have not...