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Social Security Fraud

Social Security Calling Fraud Running Rampant

Social Security Robo Calling Fraud is Running Rampant.   As an occasional blogger I logged over 40 calls to my home telephone and cell phone in the last couple of weeks with people saying they are with Social Security and my Identity has been stolen, security had been compromised or I was going to get arrested.

Meltdown and Spectre CPU Flaws

Regardless of which operating system you may use your computer is at risk for attack due to issues with AMD and Intel CPU’s. The way CPU’s process and handle encrypted information in the processor is not encrypted so your information, passwords, banking information and more are no longer secure. Click the heading to read more.


Ubuntu Linux 17.04 / 17.10 Not Ready for Mainstream

Ubuntu Linux announced a ground breaking version of Linux a few weeks ago.   It was switching from the Unity Desktop to Gnome and it was moving away from Xorg and going to Wayland.   This does not mean much to those except computer geeks so I will let you know in...

Windows 10

Windows Privacy Issues / Bandwith Issues / Update Issues

Windows 10 is the most used operating system on the planet. This may make some feel comfortable but when you read the privacy issues that the software has then you may rethink this. This is why I use Linux. In this article I have enclosed a link that will help you get your privacy back if you follow the instructions. I have also included instructions to install Linux if you are comfortable doing so.

Firefox Quantum (Web Browser)

If you have not downloaded the newest Firefox you are missing a treat.  This web browser is very fast and uses a lot less memory.   Google Chrome was supposed to be the fastest browser and it stomps it by being more than 2X faster. Here is the link to download....

Google Translating Ear Buds -- Image Courtesy of

Google Aims to Break Down Language Barriers

This is pretty cool technology.   I wonder when these will be available.   It will certainly make things easier if you decide to travel to a country where you do not know the language.  Well – in California they will be useful as well since a large majority of people speak Spanish and not English.