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Biden, Divider, Hater, Socialist, Extremist

President Biden is a Divider, Hater, Socialist and Extremist. His behaviors over the past several weeks as POTUS are unacceptable. Biden is a Divider. He as divided half of America. He as called Republicans extremists. He has called Republicans haters. He has done a military style speech using the military at posts behind him with a red backdrop. He has threatened to use the military against Republicans using fighter jets....


The Political Shellgame and Liberal Lies

This is one of my unusual posts – as you can see from the title. The month of June 2022 has been the month for political games and liberal lies. Lets start with Roe V Wade being overturned. The reality is that Roe V Wade was unconsititutional. It was an abuse of Federal powers not granted by the Constitution. Overturning it put the decision of abortion back into the hands...


Disinformation Governance Board – Attack on Free Speech

Biden and his wonder band of merry men and women have decided that the Government should control what is the truth and what is not. If this sounds like Russia or China, it is. Right now, in Russia the people don’t even know why their country is at war with Ukraine – except what the government tells them, except perhaps those that use a VPN or have access to information....

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Home Air Fresheners Toxic to Pets

Air Fresheners are toxic to pets and the manufacturers are not telling you this. Read my article – better yet – read the back of the product and see what it contains.

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Biden’s Gaffes

Check out Biden’s Gaffe’s courtesy of UTube

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America – The Direction we are headed in.

America has always been the greatest country in the world. It is a symbol of freedom to those who are oppressed. It has been a symbol to those that wish to make their dreams come true. In America people who immigrated here legally understand what the American dream is and how it can be realized with just hard work and imagination. America however is headed into a direction that is...


AB1346 a Disaster for California – Banning of Small Gasoline Engines by 2024

As usual California liberals think they are on the forefront to green energy. It is clear that politicians and Governors don’t think at all. It is also clear that people living in the cities of California don’t either as they are all for this ban. First of all when you look at the bill it is very small – only about one page and perhaps some of it may make...


California wants Restaurants to become the Vaccine Police.

California wants restaurants to become the vaccine police. Recently several In-N-Out burger restaurants have been targeted by the county health departments. What these counties expect is that In-N-Out become the vaccine police. They want them to check COVID cards or proof of a recent test (within 72 hours) before they can allow a patron to eat indoors. I am glad to see In-N-Out standing up on this one. It is...


The Failed State of Affairs in Washington DC

It is October and as I read the news it is becoming very clear that the failed state of affairs in Washington DC are impacting me. As I go to work each day I wonder what will be reported on the news and what will I do now. ‘ The borders of our country are completely insecure. We have a president and his administration that took an oath of office...


When You Realize You’ve become and Old Fart

I had an interesting weekend. I had someone from the younger generation (40’s) over to the house to visit this weekend. After a few conversations she initiated I realized I was no longer “hip” and had become the old fart. Now some of you in the senior group might think this is funny because I guess at some point we all become the old farts. Being an “old fart” isn’t...

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The Double Talk on the Infrastructure Bill – Do People Really Believe this ?

There is lots of talk coming from Capitol hill on the Infrastructure Bill. The talk that is really blowing my mind is that people at the top are selling the Infrastructure Bill as costing zero. It comes from the 3rd in charge from the Nation – Nancy Pelosi and now Cedrick Richmond – senior advisor to President Biden. How can you spend 3.5 trillion dollars and link it to a...

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They are Coming For You – 8 Cent Per Mile Tax Study Buried in Infrastructure Bill

Surprise Surprise! Guess what is buried in the Socialist Infrastructure bill? Besides all of the pork and fat and socialist programs there is a tax test – study you might call it where the Government charges you a 8 cent per mile road use tax. Lets think about this – If you drive 15,000 miles a year then you will be paying $1,200 in additional taxes. Yes, this Infrastructure bill...

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Don’t get the shot – get fired… and you thought America was the Land of the Free

Let me start of this blog by saying that me, along with my family have been vaccinated against COVID-19 because we are taking care of my mother who is 88 years old with stage 4 cancer. Each of us had a different vaccine depending on what was available, Johnson and Johnson, Pfizer and Modena. So this blog isn’t about me being a Republican or a Anti-Vaxxer. This blog is about...

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The COVID-19 Deal and Government Overreach.

Covid-19 has been in the news for almost two years. In that time there has been false information, untested vaccines and government overreach to the point of closing businesses and installing curfews. I understand all of the things that have happened over the past two years. There has been to a very large degree dis-information passed to the public through the news media and print. There has been panic instilled...

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How Soon People Forget, Newsom

People forget very soon about what other people do. Governor Newsom dodged the recall vote this week. People all over California think this is a good thing. After all, they forgot about the French Laundry where Newsom flaunted the mask and Covid-19 guidelines he placed on everyone else. They also forgot about the billions of dollars lost by the Employment Development Department in California due to fraudulent claims. Small business...