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One Nation Under God ~ Part Six ~ The Attack on Christianity

This is another article in a great series published by Chaplain Leon Stephens. It is a good read. This article talks specifically about the attacks on religion by the Obama Administration and how it has effected our country. Chaplain Leon Stephens is an outstanding educator, writer and religious leader. Click to read his newest article in the series “One Nation Under God.”

One Nation Under God – Part Four

Scripture makes it quite clear what must be done to reverse the tide of evil, yet many Christians wonder why America is in such a dire situation, while at the same time disregarding God’s admonition.   Read More.. Source: One Nation Under God ~ Part Four Excellent read in a series...

One Nation Under God ~ Part Three – LIFE FROM A CHAPLAIN’S POINT OF VIEW

This is an excellent read for those of you that believe in God.  If you don’t then I suggest skipping this read on my blog.  Chaplain Leon Stephens does a wonderful job explaining what is going on in our Country from a religious point of view.  All three Parts of the blog One Nation Under God are excellent reading and have a historical value as well. Click on the Source Link to read more.