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Why the Unhinged Behavior of the Left Guarantees Conservatives Remain in Power

A day can’t go by where you read the news where there is one comment after another from the left doing something stupid.  Maxine Waters is telling people to harass President Trumps staff.  Waters is an elected representative of the government from Los Angeles California.  She is just the latest in a string of ill-behaved people from the Democratic Party.   It is interesting that these people think an apology is supposed to make it all better.   God says to forgive people.  He does not say forget what people do.

The Childish and Unprofessional Behavior of the Democratic Party

It is quite an eye opening experience watching the audience in the State of the Union Address.   I watched the State of the Union Addresses before but I must admit I skipped many while Obama was in charge. To see our elected officials act like children – the entire Democratic...