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Government Corruption

Government Corruption at it’s Highest Level

Many people have turned off the news and are trying to ignore the negative press on the President of the United States. The news media tends to print negative stories against the President 90% of the time to get higher ratings and advertising dollars. The truth does not generate revenue.

Searching for Truthful News is Like Fishing in a Well

Today Jan 12, 2018 for the record was one of the most challenging days I have had in a while reading the news websites. Trying to determine what is real is the most difficult. Looking at Fox News, MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS was lots of fun. They were all running stories that did not agree with each other. So trying to find the truth is like fishing in a well. Now obviously you will never catch a fish in a well, so it has become increasingly clearer that going to find the truth in the news anymore.

The Moore / Jones Election Upset Shows Smear Campaigns Work

Well, you all saw the election results in Alabama. Its simple. Smear Campaigns work. The Democratic Party has been working overtime inventing smears against representatives in the House and Senate. These are not new tactics, but since “sexual harassment” is so prevalent on the news why not make it happen.