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Disinformation Governance Board – Attack on Free Speech

Biden and his wonder band of merry men and women have decided that the Government should control what is the truth and what is not. If this sounds like Russia or China, it is. Right now, in Russia the people don’t even know why their country is at war with Ukraine – except what the government tells them, except perhaps those that use a VPN or have access to information....


California wants Restaurants to become the Vaccine Police.

California wants restaurants to become the vaccine police. Recently several In-N-Out burger restaurants have been targeted by the county health departments. What these counties expect is that In-N-Out become the vaccine police. They want them to check COVID cards or proof of a recent test (within 72 hours) before they can allow a patron to eat indoors. I am glad to see In-N-Out standing up on this one. It is...


The Failed State of Affairs in Washington DC

It is October and as I read the news it is becoming very clear that the failed state of affairs in Washington DC are impacting me. As I go to work each day I wonder what will be reported on the news and what will I do now. ‘ The borders of our country are completely insecure. We have a president and his administration that took an oath of office...