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The Left Wants to Confiscate All of Your Firearms 

A few days ago, I warned you on my radio program (Todd Starnes) that the Left would use the survivors of the Florida school shooting as propaganda pawns in a nationwide gun grab. I warned you to be prepared because they were about to mount an ugly assault on the Second Amendment – smearing every law-abiding gun owner.

Student Claims CNN Rewrote Town Hall Question, Told Him to ‘Stick to the Script’

This is just a little proof that CNN like other news organizations does not want people on their newscasts to state any opinion or thought that is not in-line with the news organizations – otherwise – people are not allowed to think or speak for themselves – they have to read a script to push the news organizations political agenda…

Gun Control

After the shootings in Las Vegas there is renewed call from the uneducated to ban guns. Why do I say they are uneducated? Its simple. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Liberals think that our pistols come to life on their own, load themselves, and crawl out into the street and kill people. Somehow these pretend pundits think that taking away the right of responsible citizens to protect themselves is magically going to make a change in the carnage in the United States. Rendering citizens without protection will open up the streets for criminals, thugs and terrorists.