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Media and Leftist Stars Play Game out of Trump’s Playbook

Has anyone been keeping score from the leftist media, comedians and Hollywood elite? If you have not maybe you should take a look. If you have been reading the news it is almost entirely made up of insults, name calling, comparisons to MS13, expletives and more. The headlines have been so pervasive that people cannot help themselves from falling into the trap. The trap is a distraction and it is right out of President Trumps playbook. It appears as the media is in complete shambles, but it is learning.

Why I boycotted the 2017 Emmys.

In America we need to stand for ourselves and turn our backs on the Hollywood folks that disrespect our President and our Country. There was a time in America where God and Country came first. Hollywood types like Colbert and Baldwin are disrespectful to our country and are driving hate and divisiveness into it. These folks will continue to behave in this manner on the Emmys tonight, therefore I have made the decision to change the channel.. More….