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Why Comments from Celebrities Don’t Matter

The news has been blow up lately from people who think they are important making comments and telling me what I should think. People from News Sources and Hollywood are all telling me what I should think. They tell us what people should wear, what they should think, what they should support and why their view is so important.

California State Capitol

21 Counties of California Refuse to Support State Sanctuary Bill

The State of Jefferson joins the California Sheriff’s Association and National Sheriff’s Association, in their call for Congress to, “take action and pass sensible legislation that doesn’t hamstring law enforcement.” The citizens of the twenty-one counties that encompass the State of Jefferson have long supported their county sheriffs who have declared they will comply with Federal Immigration Law, should the Governor sign SB 54. The Jefferson leadership has been outspoken about Brown and his administration putting the needs of illegal aliens (criminals), before that of the health and safety of American Citizens. Read More…

Statue of Liberty

President Trump’s Letter to House and Senate Leaders – Immigration Principles and Policies

Everyone has their take on Immigration and like the media act and react like they really know the facts. The news media fails to report facts – only political overtones to benefit themselves and special interest groups. It takes a small amount of research on the Internet to find the truth. I am taking more time to do just that because I believe the American People need to know the facts – not react to a biased news media that leaves out details to spin the story in a way that benefits them.