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California’s Sanctuary State is Falling Apart

California’s sanctuary state is slowing falling apart. Red Counties like Orange County, and the 23 Counties of the Jefferson State movement are all fighting these laws that are clearly illegal and are violating Federal Immigration Laws.

Oligarchy Countries – Who are they? Has the United States Joined Them?

Which Countries are Oligarchy’s? Oligarchy countries include Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia. Here’s the top 6, why they’re oligarchies, who’s involved, and how they got that way. Source: Oligarchy Countries: List, Who’s Involved and History This article (source listed above) outlines countries that are Oligarchy’s. Oligarchy Defined:   It is a...

California State Captiol

TRUMP’S US Supreme Court Will Preside Over the Breakup of California

“State of Jefferson” Lawsuit May Generate FAR MORE Than the Plaintiffs Ask For… Opinion by “Deplorable” Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen When California’s liberal Democrat legislative majority passed infamous Senate Bill #277 mandating seventy-four (74) “Made-in-China” vaccines as a requirement for California’s children to attend Public or Private schools no one...