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No to NIKE

Nike just announced that Colin Kaepernick is going on as their spokesperson in advertising – using the advertising slogan “Believe in Something even if you sacrifice everything.” 

Here’s How Much Money the NFL Rakes in From Taxpayers

Only a handful of NFL and other major league teams use privately-financed venues to host their games. Many of them instead rely on taxpayer dollars. The source article by the Daily Signal explains how these major sports team’s get financing for their half billion dollar complexes and who foots the bill. Most people would be shocked to find out but do they really care?

America isn’t the Country it Used to Be

America isn’t the country it used to be.   We used to have a country where people cared about one another.  We had people of all races working with each other to end the division.   We had a working government that worked hard to do the right thing for the people…..

NFL Protests

Again this year we have a group of NFL players that are kneeling during the National Anthem and disrespecting our Flag and Country.   Kansas City Chief’s Player Marcus Peters took a seat on the season opener against the Patriots. There seems to be a real trend in this country with...