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NAACP a Racist Organization

The NAACP ( National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is a racist organization. Any organization that has a name that talks about race is a racist organization. If there was another organization out there mentioning skin color it would be labeled as racist and not be tolerated.

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When Elected Officials Should be Fired

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I am not going to mention the person’s name in Congress this week that hit the news with her racial comments. I don’t believe I can bring myself to print their name in my blog because I disrespect them so much. I will mention my thoughts about what should happen to her and other elected officials when they use / speak with racial comments.

Ohio State University ‘privilege’ workshop says only white people can be racist

If your skin color is white, only you can be a racist, and it’s impossible for you to be a victim. That’s reportedly the message coming out of a workshop held at Ohio State University Tuesday aimed to teach white students about their privilege and how not to act racist. Read More — This can’t be further from the truth!

Racism in the News. Hate from the Left. #BOYCOTTESPN

It is very concerning to see three people from the Entertainment, Sports, Media doing racist things. Rapper XXXTentacion hangs a white child on one of his rap videos, Colin Kaepernick gives Jemele Hill an ESPN sportscaster kudo’s for calling our President a White Supremacist. Read more…


Racial and Political Overtones on a Natural Event

This morning I was forwarded an article on the eclipse.   To my surprise this natural phenomena has racial and political overtones.     Click here for the article.   Matthew Rocheleau from the Boston Globe reported that this was an eclipse headed over Trump Territory.  Alice Ristoph from the Brooklyn Law...