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NAACP a Racist Organization

The NAACP ( National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is a racist organization. Any organization that has a name that talks about race is a racist organization. If there was another organization out there mentioning skin color it would be labeled as racist and not be tolerated.


News Media and Sex Scandals

Lately it seems that the news media has nothing better to do than to write about sex scandals.   It is scandals about female teachers having sex with underage students and men abusing women. I assume this is something that sells clicks for ad revenue. As a normal American I cannot...


The Great American Cereal Caper

Advertisers all over the world are in for some serious problems. It appears that there are racist crybabies out in the world that are now looking at every package with a magnifying glass to see if they can find anything to whine about. This week’s victim is Kellogg’s Cereal.