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The Political Shellgame and Liberal Lies

This is one of my unusual posts – as you can see from the title. The month of June 2022 has been the month for political games and liberal lies. Lets start with Roe V Wade being overturned. The reality is that Roe V Wade was unconsititutional. It was an abuse of Federal powers not granted by the Constitution. Overturning it put the decision of abortion back into the hands...

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Roe V Wade – Overreaction by the Masses

The news is ablaze with the leaked document on a possible decision on Roe V Wade. It is sad that one of the law clerks leaked an incomplete opinion to the news and I believe this person should be fired and disbarred for this political act. Now my opinion piece on why it is an Overreaction by the Masses. When Roe V Wade hit the Supreme Court and was approved...