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California Finally Being Held Accountable

On Tuesday March 6, 2018 the Federal Government, President Trump and Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit against the State for its Sanctuary Laws. A couple of months ago I wrote the President asking him to please get Jeff Sessions to file suit against the state because these Sanctuary laws are putting ordinary citizens at risk. Criminal Illegal Aliens are being released back into the streets to pray on citizens.

California State Capitol

21 Counties of California Refuse to Support State Sanctuary Bill

The State of Jefferson joins the California Sheriff’s Association and National Sheriff’s Association, in their call for Congress to, “take action and pass sensible legislation that doesn’t hamstring law enforcement.” The citizens of the twenty-one counties that encompass the State of Jefferson have long supported their county sheriffs who have declared they will comply with Federal Immigration Law, should the Governor sign SB 54. The Jefferson leadership has been outspoken about Brown and his administration putting the needs of illegal aliens (criminals), before that of the health and safety of American Citizens. Read More…

SB54 – Illegal Immigration Law Enacted by California

Being a resident of California I am ashamed and embarrassed. When I clean up after the dogs I think of Governor Brown and all of the pieces of garbage that infest our government in Sacramento. They are all worthless parasites that need to be removed from government.