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America isn’t the Country it Used to Be

America isn’t the country it used to be.   We used to have a country where people cared about one another.  We had people of all races working with each other to end the division.   We had a working government that worked hard to do the right thing for the people…..

U.S. majority backs military action vs. North Korea: Gallup poll

With Sanctions against North Korea just increased it may take a bit of time before they run out of cash. I say – let them shoot up their entire nuclear arsenal of rockets that they so much like to do. If there is one coming our way – shoot it down. Sooner or later they will run out. Read More..

If North Korea Has Nuclear ICBM, China WILL Invade by 9/11

The U.S. and China reportedly have a long-standing arrangement that Beijing will physically invade North Korea if they believe Kim Jong-un has developed a miniaturized nuclear warhead Source: If North Korea Has Nuclear ICBM, China WILL Invade by 9/11 This is a strange twist from TruNews.   It will be very...

President Trump unties the hands of our Military.

I am sure that there was a large group of people in America watching the president speak tonight.  Since many have not served in the military the gravity of the speech was not even mentioned by the media. President Trump said he was giving our military freedom by removing the...