The Trump Distractions

Well it seems the Liberals (Democrats) are completely lost.   They spend so much time counting Trump’s lies and freaking out about the government shutdown and the border wall they have not figured out these are all distractions. Trump is a master at distractions.   He says...

Christmas Isn’t Christmas Anymore

Christmas isn’t Christmas anymore. Think about Christmas and what it means to you. To me Christmas has turned into a marketing ploy for business where the main goal is to make money, not to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Mid-Term Elections Devastating for California – Higher Taxes Coming

It has almost been a week since the mid-term elections in California.   As the final tally sinks in to the voters few seem concerned.   Three out of the 4 multi-billion bonds were passed as well has hundreds of sales tax increases.   Gavin Newsom was elected governor, Feinstein  keeps her job and 5 more republicans were ousted from their positions.   You could say a “blue wave” did hit California, however it was not unexpected.

Veterans Day – What it means to me.

Veterans Day is again upon us.   I reflect back to my time served in the military, the people I went through basic training with, the technical school I attended and the flight-line I worked on at Travis AFB.  I remember people who joined the military...

Alabama McDonald’s gunman killed by armed dad, who is injured in shootout | Fox News

This article should be a compelling reason for those people who want to carry a concealed weapon should be allowed to do so. Protecting ourselves, family and others is the primary reason we want to carry. For those liberal anti-gun folks – especially here in California – ask them if this happened here in California instead of Alabama if there would have been a mass shooting. The answer is obvious.