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Democrats Sell Inflation As No Big Deal

Democrats are selling inflation as no big deal. They think you can afford prices going up and up. If you don’t believe me read MSNBC and CNN and look at the comments the anchors are making in support of the Biden Administration.

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America – The Direction we are headed in.

America has always been the greatest country in the world. It is a symbol of freedom to those who are oppressed. It has been a symbol to those that wish to make their dreams come true. In America people who immigrated here legally understand what...

The Failed State of Affairs in Washington DC

It is October and as I read the news it is becoming very clear that the failed state of affairs in Washington DC are impacting me. As I go to work each day I wonder what will be reported on the news and what will...

When You Realize You’ve become and Old Fart

I had an interesting weekend. I had someone from the younger generation (40’s) over to the house to visit this weekend. After a few conversations she initiated I realized I was no longer “hip” and had become the old fart. Now some of you in...

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The COVID-19 Deal and Government Overreach.

Covid-19 has been in the news for almost two years. In that time there has been false information, untested vaccines and government overreach to the point of closing businesses and installing curfews. I understand all of the things that have happened over the past two...

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How Soon People Forget, Newsom

People forget very soon about what other people do. Governor Newsom dodged the recall vote this week. People all over California think this is a good thing. After all, they forgot about the French Laundry where Newsom flaunted the mask and Covid-19 guidelines he placed...


In 4 Months the Democrats have Destroyed the Economy

In a short 4 months the Democrats (The Biden / Harris Leadership) has completely destroyed the economy. Our borders are weak and we are headed for food and fuel shortages. The housing market is going to explode. Why is this happening?



Does the news media and the Democrats really believe they can deprogram Republicans? They think they can. Can you believe this latest twist?