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Disinformation Governance Board – Attack on Free Speech

Biden and his wonder band of merry men and women have decided that the Government should control what is the truth and what is not. If this sounds like Russia or China, it is. Right now, in Russia the people don’t even know why their country is at war with Ukraine – except what the government tells them, except perhaps those that use a VPN or have access to information....

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Biden’s Gaffes

Check out Biden’s Gaffe’s courtesy of UTube


Biden – Harris – Weak Leaders – Don’t Care about America

Biden and Harris are weak leaders and do not care about America. Nothing can be more evident than the complete failure in Ukraine. They had months to react to the build-up of Russian troops around Ukraine. They had the opportunity to arm the Ukranian people and sat on their hands and did nothing. The American people need to open their eyes. The Biden SOTU speech did nothing to address any...


The Leadership of Joe Biden is Detrimental to America

It is probably becoming evident that the leadership of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party has been detrimental to America. President Biden has been in charge of America for a short 13 months and in that time he has caused irreputable damage. The disaster in Ukraine was forthcoming for months and Biden sat on his hands and did absolutely nothing to help Ukraine. The intelligence that he so brilliantly shared...

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In 4 Months the Democrats have Destroyed the Economy

In a short 4 months the Democrats (The Biden / Harris Leadership) has completely destroyed the economy. Our borders are weak and we are headed for food and fuel shortages. The housing market is going to explode. Why is this happening?