About Nimaway


Nimaway is a website that we have owned and operated for over 10 years.  Why Nimaway?  Well, it was named after my dog.

Why a Blog

I like to blog however I disliked the fact that I would have to join Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus to share my thoughts.  Once you share data with those sites – they own the rights to it.  Nobody should own the rights to material I have written.

At the time I worked for an employer which was good at removing my Constitutional rights – The right to free speech.  In the workplace you have no rights.  If you have not found that out yet do some reading about employment laws.   This company which I no longer work for would terminate employees for saying negative things about their business or creating content that they deemed “offensive” on social media websites.  Your Right to Free Speech is not guaranteed in the workplace.  I am trying to move forward and not create political blogs.  There isn’t a guarantee I won’t do that but politics has been so charged with anger that it does not represent the person I want to be.

About Me

I am a blogger located in a small rural community in Northern California.

I believe that people should be honest, have a good moral code, should support the Constitution and respect their fellow citizens.   I believe in the “rule of law.”  I am a staunch supporter of  the United States of America. I believe our forefathers had the foresight to understand what we would face in the future as the wonderful nation grows.

I don’t like news media outlets not telling the truth.  I don’t like racial discrimination.  All people are created equal.   I don’t like people speaking bad about our country.   Even though rights are given to us under the 1st Amendment to the Constitution does not mean we use these rights indiscriminately.  We must understand that this gift is to present ideas and unite our country with compromise.  My blog will try to steer away from political views.


My Education; Bachelor’s of Science Degree with a Major in Business Administration.

I hold two technical certifications through the USAF in Hydraulics and Pneumatics on C5A and C141 cargo aircraft.

I am ASE certified in Automotive parts (since 1998).

I have over 30 years in computer building and 15 years in networking and website building.