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Californians are Fed Up

Citizens of California are fed up with the high taxes and socialistic programs in California. Many middle-class are on the fiscal cliff where one more tax will force them to leave.

California Assembly Proposes $4.3 Billion in New Spending

SACRAMENTO (AP) — California, flush with cash from an expanding economy, would eventually spend $1 billion a year to provide health care to immigrants living in the state illegally under a proposal announced Wednesday by Assembly Democrats. The proposal would eliminate legal residency requirements in the state Medicaid program, known as Medi-Cal, as the state has already done for young people up to age 19.

Fines and Jail?

Click the source link below for an article that may make your blood boil. Source: Fines and Jail? You see, here in California the Oligarchy Regime in Sacramento is further taking away your rights and leveraging fines and jail time for not knowing how a person identifies themselves in a...