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Steven Clark – The March of the Uneducated

The Sacramento DA and the State AG finds the police shooting in the Steven Clark case justified, and then the uneducated march, protest and complain.  Vehicles were damaged and over 80 people were arrested.  Students participate in the unfair, unjust system and the news devotes at least 5 minutes per 30 minute broadcast to this case.   Why?

School Kids Protesting Guns

Kids will do anything they can for attention.   Today’s antics were nationwide protests against guns.   Teachers have done a great job brainwashing children that guns are bad.

America isn’t the Country it Used to Be

America isn’t the country it used to be.   We used to have a country where people cared about one another.  We had people of all races working with each other to end the division.   We had a working government that worked hard to do the right thing for the people…..

The News Media’s Infatuation with Demonstrators.

Everywhere in the news there is story after story about demonstrations.   They are either Trump Supporters or the Alt-Right or Alt-Left running around beating each other up and destroying property. Why is this news?   I understand that an occasional demonstration might be worthy of the news but over...