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The New Green Deal

Democrats (The Left) Are Completely Out of Touch

Democrats (The Left) are completely out of touch.   This large political sector of the United States has a complete lack of understanding of what the Constitution means, what logic is and what is going on in the world.    This is a sad situation for our country so let me explain.

The Confusion and Delusion of the Mid-Terms

The confusion and delusion of the mid-term elections are coming in November. The confusion is that the message from the Democratic party is not one that makes sense. The Democrats and Leading Liberal publications continue to pound on President Trump and now Bret Kavanaugh the contender for the Supreme Court.

Would Someone Please Tell Me What the Democratic Agenda Is?

As we roll into the mid-term elections I am completely confused. What is the Democratic message? What are the Democrats for besides hating Trump, harassing Trump staffers and name calling? Is there a litany of accomplishments I missed when the Obama Administration was in charge? Somebody please tell me what the Democratic agenda is because like most Americans we are completely in the dark.

Being Labeled

My website speaks about things that I do not like. I do not like many of the things Liberals (Democrats) do, or Conservative (Republicans) do. Many of the things they do are against my moral principles. Our society is more than two dimensional.