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Recession 2

Biden Administration Lies about Recession

Just a quick blog today about the Biden Administration not telling the truth about the Recession. A recession is defined as two consecutive quarters where the Gross Domestic Product of the United States is in negative territory. This has happened – and as of July 28 – the GDP was reported negative in the first two quarters. The Biden Administration is trying to control the media and lie to the...


The Leadership of Joe Biden is Detrimental to America

It is probably becoming evident that the leadership of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party has been detrimental to America. President Biden has been in charge of America for a short 13 months and in that time he has caused irreputable damage. The disaster in Ukraine was forthcoming for months and Biden sat on his hands and did absolutely nothing to help Ukraine. The intelligence that he so brilliantly shared...


Democrats Sell Inflation As No Big Deal

Democrats are selling inflation as no big deal. They think you can afford prices going up and up. If you don’t believe me read MSNBC and CNN and look at the comments the anchors are making in support of the Biden Administration.