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California State Captiol

California and the Government Power Grab

Anyone that has been living in California is beginning to recognize the Government Power Grab.   This is a significant grab of power by the Liberal Democrats that have a Super Majority in the California House and Senate.

Californians are Fed Up

Citizens of California are fed up with the high taxes and socialistic programs in California. Many middle-class are on the fiscal cliff where one more tax will force them to leave.

The California Balanced Budget Lie

I’m Confused… California Boasts a Balanced Budget for 2018 but is 426.1 Billion in Debt

I am confused with all of the news reporting from California.   Governor Brown and his liberal political associates boast that California is the 5th largest economy in the world and that it has a budget surplus.    California also has one of the highest State taxes and largest amount of money spent on welfare annually (18.1 Billion) and the highest cost of fuel in the nation. But what isn’t talked about is California’s debt.

California – Heading off a Cliff and Liberals don’t even know it.

It is interesting to see the swing in the state lately from the Democrats. It seems that they are not liking the immigration “Sanctuary Status” of the state and are deciding that is not so good after all. Also, they also realized that gas is now reaching $4 a gallon – which is taking a huge dent out of their income (liberals voted in the tax increases in the state legislature.)

California May Already Be in Recession –

California May Already Be in Recession Source: California May Already Be in Recession Well the stats are in for 2017 and it is not looking good.   California has dropped to 49/50 states on GDP Growth and this is all due to the unfriendly business climate the state has.   The problem...

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Year End Victory for Tyranny

Each year, California legislators introduce more than 2,000 new bills. Of those, 700-900 new laws are passed each year. This year was no exception. California’s legislative session was completed last Saturday and was one of the more divisive sessions ever, from a partisan standpoint.

Here’s How Much Money the NFL Rakes in From Taxpayers

Only a handful of NFL and other major league teams use privately-financed venues to host their games. Many of them instead rely on taxpayer dollars. The source article by the Daily Signal explains how these major sports team’s get financing for their half billion dollar complexes and who foots the bill. Most people would be shocked to find out but do they really care?

Americans paying more in taxes than for food, clothing

Americans spent more money on taxes than they did on food and clothing last year, according to data released earlier this week. Source: Americans paying more in taxes than for food, clothing This should not be a surprise to anyone.   Taxes have gone up exponentially, especially here in California.   That...

Jefferson State

The State of the State

Source: The State of the State The state of the state is an update of the Jefferson State Movement against California.    This weeks article highlights out some of the very bad problems California has from its liberal mindset.   Amongst these issues are 25% of the population being immigrants,...