2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited Start-Stop System

There is virtually no information on the web about the Stop-Start System on a 2016 Jeep Cherokee. Even with the VIN number supplied to the dealership they were unable to answer my questions – so I am posting it for those who are looking.

  1. The 2016 Jeep Cherokee Limited has one battery. There is not two. People are giving bad information the the web and tell you to check under your passenger seat or in the fender well for a second battery. There isn’t one. The only Jeeps that have a supplemental stop-start battery are the Grand Cherokees.
  2. The Group Size for the battery is an 94R. It must be an AGM. All start-stop systems MUST use an AGM battery because the regular flooded lead batteries will not supply the proper voltage to run the system. You will get an error message on the stop-start system that stop-start is disabled due to battery charging. AGM batteries charge 40 percent faster and can handle the cycles required by this system where regular flooded batteries can not.

If the stop-start system is not working in your Jeep it is because the battery system voltage is too low. This is caused by the wrong battery being installed or a defective battery. If your electronic dash indicates that the stop-start system is disabled due to the battery charging most likely the battery is defective. Have it load tested to be sure it is bad before replacing it. AGM batteries are expensive.

There is a voltage sensor on the negative battery terminal. There is a small electrical plug that goes to it. This is the sensor that determines if there is enough voltage for the stop-start system to work. If there is any corrosion the correct voltage will not be read causing the system not to work. Make sure these connections are clean.

If the connection is clean and the start-stop battery function is disabled – and the battery is within the correct specifications the voltage sensor may be bad. You will have to go to the dealership to buy it because they are not sold at Auto Part Stores.

Finally – if you wish to disable the start -stop system you can disconnect the electrical plug that goes to the voltage sensor and it will no longer function because it cannot read battery voltage. I have read this on the Internet but not tried it – so I am not sure if that actually works. The best way to disable the start-stop system is to push the button on the dash each time after your start the vehicle. It will be disabled until you turn the vehicle off. This is the preferred method. Refer to your owners manual.

Hopefully I have helped you. From what I have read the later jeeps may have a stop-start battery so check. If you have one, it is mounted next to the OE battery and it is the smaller one. They are expensive… $120 at the dealership and auto parts stores do not sell them. The AGM main battery replacements are $200 and up. The good news is they should last awhile.

Good luck with your Jeep.

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